Clarity Health Journal

Lowering the human and financial costs of healthcare for people and families living with chronic conditions.

Missing, late and costly-to-capture health information drives up the costs and latency of delivering effective and efficient healthcare. Healthcare providers – including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, specialists and general practitioners – each keep their own patient records, some electronic, some paper-based. These records are not generally shared amongst providers. Concurrent with those records are the records or knowledge that an individual keeps for themselves and their families about their diet, doctor visits, exercise regimens, supplements, injuries, vaccinations, and myriad other parameters.

Clarity Health Journal – designed with a focus on chronic conditions and ease-of-access for family caregivers – overcomes these issues. CHJ facilitates the individual’s participation in their own health and wellness and integrates family members into the process. The Clarity Health Journal, developed by Clarity Health Inc, is a personal health record (PHR) which:
• Enables individuals and family members to participate in the management of care for themselves and those that might not be able to manage by themselves – children, the infirm, and the aged.
• Facilitates the management of information specific to chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, and asthma.

Business history
Clarity Health Inc is a privately-held Ontario corporation located in Toronto. Since 2001, CHI has been creating better information systems which help healthcare organizations improve their decisions. CHI’s offerings streamline patient assessments and reporting for hospitals and rehabilitation, mental health, complex continuing and long-term healthcare providers. With modules for long-term care (CCRS), rehab (NRRS), mental health (MHRS) and home-care (HCRS), CCI’s solutions are used in 10 leading multi-site institutions across Ontario where customers use it across multiple sites to extend their continuum of care model, continuously improve their performance outcomes and reduce the overhead associated with compliance and mandated submissions. Customers include Sudbury Regional Hospital, Toronto East General Hospital, and Hamilton Health Sciences Centre.

In 2006, CHI began development of the Clarity Health Journal, having identified a need for a personal health record (PHR) which fulfills the needs of individuals and families living with chronic conditions. The first release of the Clarity Health Journal was made available in 2008. Healthcare organizations currently evaluating Clarity Health Journal for deployment to their communities include The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), and Hamilton Health Sciences.

Product overview and differentiation

Individuals suffering from chronic conditions have long needed to keep medical health records for themselves and their families about their diet, doctor visits, exercise regimens, supplements, injuries, vaccinations, and myriad other parameters. Each set of records contains critical information which historically has not been shared with their caregivers except by printed reports. Furthermore, many individuals (children, the aged) cannot care for themselves and need to have their care managed by family members, oftentimes more than one. In many of these cases, condition-specific data needs to be kept.

To address these needs, a solution needs to have the depth and flexibility to store data for virtually any individual, provide the rules and access around family members providing care as well as the functionality to be tailored to meet specific conditions that require repetitive data storage (diabetes, renal failure, etc.) Clarity Health Journal provides a solution that integrates these needs within a single journal.

Clarity Health Journal is a hosted web-based facility that enables individuals, caregivers and family members the ability to keep and distribute patient information especially for chronic conditions. It supports popular healthcare information standards for reporting and integration needs. CHJ manages health care information encompassing and accessible by:
1. The individual and their family
2. Hospitals and clinics
3. GPs and specialists
4. Alternative caregivers (holistic healers, chiropractors, etc)
5. Out of the norm care givers (vacation or business travel)
6. eHealth agencies and payer organizations

Target market
CCI’s target market for the Clarity Health Journal is mid-to-large networks of healthcare facilities with large chronic condition constituencies in the US and Canada.

Market overview

The market for personal health records remains fragmented, with dozen of solutions vying for market share. Estimates of market penetration range from three to seven percent, with a majority of consumers expressing an interest in adopting a PHR for use by their families, but with privacy concerns and other non-technical issues representing a barrier to mass adoption.

In recent years, Microsoft and Google have created a market for personal health platforms which underlie personal health record solutions. These companies’ entry into this space is seen by most market watchers as a watershed event heralding an ear of rapid growth of the PHR market.

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