Our wandering ways

We travel constantly at a speed of 30 km/s (180,000 km/hr), it takes 365.24 days for us to orbit the sun.  Our distance traveled in a year is significant in such astronomical terms; over 150,000,000 km or more depending on the orbit and earth’s tilt.  Compared to this journey through space our travels on the surface of the earth are minuscule.

Earth's Orbit

Travel around the sun

Holidays spent driving around or even flying to distant lands open our minds. We experience new sights, meet new people,  see how others on our small planet live. These are short trips with great returns. Enjoy your sojourn on the planet as we travel around the sun.

Watching a sunset

As we rotate it appears the the sun is moving away

When you travel often you run into people you know.  Or the people you meet have a lot in common with you.  The common phase is “it’s a small world”.  This is true, it seems even smaller when you consider that of the billions of people on the planet the vast majority are born, live and die within walking distance of their home. Only a small minority of us travel great distances and can experience the voyage.

Child in Peru

Journey begins

Our spaceship earth has very limiting confines. Yet we can walk the earth, swim the ocean and fly the sky and still not see and experience all that it has to offer.

Whale Shark

Largest Fish in the Ocean