World Cup in Canada

A friend from Germany asked us, “since Canada isn’t in the World Cup you don’t follow it, or do you?”.  Our respond was,  in Canada we cheer for all teams. There’s always someone on the winning side. Today, for example we saw over 10 flags on cars from different countries. Some vehicles have a flag from two different countries; my wife thinks this is because one spouse is cheering for England while the other is Portuguese, it could also be someone hedging their bets.

Regardless of who wins the World Cup, there is a party in Canada. In Toronto we have parades when Italy wins or Brazil or Argentina or England.  The city of Toronto and the country of Canada is made up of nationalities from all over the world.  In Canada, we cheer for, not just our nation (which isn’t in the World Cup) but also our home country, the country of our forefathers or perhaps just the country we choose to celebrate and cheer for.

Who will win? My guess, even though I am Italian, I believe it will be Spain.