Semantic Web 3.0, what’s new about it?

It is the trend of progressive versions in software releases that has created Web 2.0 and now Web 3.0. I don’t recall; but I don’t believe it was ever called Web 1.0, except perhaps as a retro definition.  Of course those of us who used the precursor of the internet, know about Web 0.0. This is arcnet and uunet.  Anyone recall FINGER, ARCHIE and GOPHER?

Internet Web progress

Evolution of the Web 0.x to 3.0

If I was asked to describe the progression of the web I would define it as follows;

  • Web 0.0 transport and communication layer between nodes, email and search of documents. Minimal sharing;
  • Web 1.0 was the availability of documents as static pages on the internet, this was primarilly HTML pages served up to browsers;
  • Web 2.0 was coined when web services and interactive tools began being the norm. The users began to create content and share it openly;
  • Web 3.0 refers to a more meaningful web offering. Incorporating semantic or knowledge into the content.

I believe we are still in the early deployment of web 2.0. There are still many versions of static pages even within the context of web 2.0 sites. We have a jumble of documents, services and content available. The promise of web 3.0 is to create meaning and some form of natural language context to the overwhelming content. By doing so we can make the web meaningful and have the search for content became more than the search for needles in haystacks.

I welcome the development of web 3.o and the rationality that comes with ever incremental progress of the internet.


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