Spring a rebirth

The ancient religions were tied to nature. Worship of the sun, moon and earth. When man turned to the gods they wielded thunderbolts like Zeus, or fire like Vulcan. Norse gods were warriors like their followers. In India and China the gods are intertwined legends of humans as well as supreme beings. In the Shinto religion of Japan the belief is that every stone, tree, animal and person has a spirit. Nature is still at the core of the native traditions of the First Nations. The cycle of the earth, moon and sun still govern our time and seasons.

As much as we have damaged nature through our industrialization, pollution, even our agriculture, the earth continues its course in the heavens. The sun rises, the moon’s phases changes and the seasons continue their cycle. While we may damage our environment we can not altar that which is outside our control.

The transition from winter to spring always seems like a rebirth. I can imagine the ancients seeing dead trees becoming alive, the dry grasses turn to green, and fresh blooms renewing bright colours. Worshiping the return of life-giving nature. Each cycle creating a rebirth, death and rebirth of nature.

While we may worship at the altar of materialism we are still governed by nature. We can damage the earth but we can not alter its orbit.


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