Anger is it good for our health?

Laughter is the best medicine, it has been said. But what of anger? Can it also provide the same release that humor can. Without anger we hold in our emotions and create worry and stress, therefore it makes sense that the release of anger will provide relief.

When we laugh we release endorphins that mask pain. The rush of adrenaline in our body from the release of anger has similar affect. Both provide a form of self-healing.

Health Anger

Can anger provide health relief?

We have special “anger management” courses that allow us to control our anger, but is this necessary? We need the release of anger to avoid our internal stewing of emotion. Otherwise we eat away at our own well being.

Our history shows that we retain evolutionary traits that allow humans to survive and thrive. We can see that most of us have healthy ways of dealing with anger. Those that don’t either die or end up in jail. Still there are many that retain anger and still live and pass on his anger to their off-spring. Does this prove that anger is an evolutionary trait that we humans need to survive?

It is often the young that show the greatest anger. Perhaps as we age we have less anger. Have we been socialized to mask the anger? Or are we dealing with it better?

Often the way our anger is manifest changes with age. As a child we release our anger through yelling, throwing tantrums and crying. With aging, some feel a decrease in the power of their youth. The need for power and the ability to regain that sense of presence can create other coping mechanisms. Young men may provide more physical anger, the older person dispense more violent verbal anger.

We all strive for happiness and good health, does anger have a role in achieving this?

Internal anger

Anger is Devastating


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