Keep your Health, while you got it.

In another time my age would be considered old. Not to say that I am young, I think I’m middle-aged. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are in their 80’s and they are still very active. My mother-in-law takes week long bike trips that cover 75 km a day, my father-in-law still works as a human resources consultant. They are both physcial and mental well and contributing socially. What once was old is now middle-age and seniors are as active now as ever. The boomer generation is living longer and contributing more than ever.

When it comes to old-age we all hope to get there, the alternative is unattractive. And we want to retain both our physcial and mental health. We expect it, just as we expected to go to university, start a professional career, buy a house, raise a family and see them start their own education and begin their careers as well. And as we get older the last thing we want is to suffer ill health and become a burden to our family and society. But as I said we all will eventually get there, it is just a question of when?

Staying healthy is a goal for all of us. Stay young at heart, that is, keep it pumping. Stay mentally active, keep learning new things. It really is that simple.

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