Social responsibility with H1N1 and Flu vaccine

Have you got your H1N1 vaccine? Are you planning to? or are you one of these individuals that “don’t believe” in vaccines? Yes, its your body and your choice, yet what is your social responsibility if you do get sick?

With the flu you are contagious 24 hours before showing any symptoms. Just staying home when you become sick means that you have likely been spreading the virus for 24 hours already. You continue to be contagious even after you feel fine. If you decide not to get the vaccine you are also exposing your friends and family to the increased risk of the virus.

Without the vaccine this year what can you do to be socially responsible and reduce the spread of the flu? Well if you have children and they also don’t get the vaccine, keep them home if they start feeling sick. You may find that schools will send your child home if they suspect any possibility that they are sick or showing signs of the flu. You should also stay home from work, don’t go to public gatherings. One that is often missed, don’t go to the grocery store or drug store, you could infect a lot of people there when you touch items in the store, the shopping cart or deal with the cashier. Send someone else to the store who isn’t sick or use a home delivery service.

Travel will be interesting this year. Without the vaccine, could the airline stop you from boarding? If you show signs of the flu it will likely restrict your travel plans.

Some feel that the H1N1 scare is overblown, and it may be. Yet, I will error on the side of caution and do what I feel is the socially responsible thing.