Happy New Year



It is September, the true start of the new year. If you are or have been a student you know what I mean. For those of us born in this month it truly is the beginning of a new year.

We rotate around the sun. One full year’s journey. Our system of counting age. Calendars are very much human inventions. There are not natures mechansim for tracking time.

Consider how each culture from Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Aztec, Mayan, Roman and Egyptian have created their own unique calendar. Is there a universal method of tracking time? I don’t believe we have found it. I believe there are still mysteries of time that we have not discovered.

We still measure time like ancients; using a fixed point in time; the birth of a king, the start of dynasty or position of stars. We count days using sunrises and sunsets. Yes, we have developed time-zones and standard time but this is arbitrary as well.

We can measure the approximate age of fossils using carbon dating. Radition half-life can be used to measure time, but only in human terms. What is cosmic time?

Our universe is ever expanding, from the start to the end all the matter in the universe existed and will contiue to exist. This implies that what makes us also will exist beyond our time on this planet. Therefore we have always been part of the universe. Which makes us all ageless.

So have a great journey one more time around the sun!