What do you believe in?

When we become conscious of something, we bring about the critical collapse of the wave function, so that the perplexing mixed states of life and death disappear – Eugene Wigner (1902-95)

Man has learned to create life in a test tube and by cloning. Talking to GOD the scientists said “we don’t need you anymore”. God impressed by the progress of man suggested that the scientist create a man the way He had done at the beginning of the universe. The scientist said “sure” and reaches for some dirt. “No, no,no” said God, “get your own dirt”. -Anon

Quantum physics evolved during the 20th century to explain the universe and the atom. What is difficult to explain in classical physics is explained by quantum mechanics. The Law of Conservation states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. In every equation we are left with the core question how did we get here?

I have been asked several times in the last few months if I believe in God? It’s a simple question with a complex answer. It is important to separate this question from “what religion are you?”

Man has always needed God to explain the universe. Ancient man attributed lighting to God. Zeus threw bolts of lighting, in India and Asia the Gods where the creators and the destroyers. We have had multiple Gods, even in monotheistic religions there are aspect of plurality. Does man always need a God to explain the universe?

“God created man in His own image”, this is a typical Judeo-Christian belief. It is our shallow thinking to believe that this means physical attributes. I tend to believe man created God in their own image. We envision a grey bearded old man sitting on a cloud. Perhaps “His own image” is our consciousness.

Our essence is star dust, we are particles of the universe gathered and configured to be living creatures. Yet, every explanation and theory about life and the creation of the universe ends up at the same point. Nothing.

How is it possible?


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