Air, Water and Food (Part 2)

Our bodies are 70% water. We need water to activate our digestion of food. As I mentioned in my previous post we could survive 3-5 days without water. Dehydration can kill us as much as downing.

The surface of the earth is 70% covered by water. Although as a percentage of the mass of the planet the percentage of water is roughly 2%.

Water is created by the bond between two hydrogen molecules and one oxgen molecule. A larger electrical charge is needed to create and to break this bond, indicating that there is a significant amount of energy contained in this very simple element bond.

Without water our body functions begin to shutdown. Our blood thickens and can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

Considering the importance of water we seem to have low regard for this precious element. WaterCivilizations sprung up around rivers and lakes because of the need of fresh water for human existence. Today we flush fresh water down the drain and use drinking water to wash our cars.

In the past households maintained cisterns to collect rainwater and used this water for everything from washing clothes, watering plants and even drinking. We could save a tremendous amount of water by simply using rain barrels and using this rainwater to water household plants. If we were allowed to it would be very effective to allow households to recycle “greywater”.

Greywater is what we flush or dump down the drain that could be reused. For example when we wash dishes the water could be filtered an then used to flush your toilet. Even toilet water could be cleaned and reused for watering your lawn.