Rich and un-retired

Over the years I have meet a lot of ambitious young people striving to be rich and retire. They fall into several categories; ones that will read the latest “rich daddy” book or join some multi level marketing club, and those that have there “eyes on the prize” behaviour looking for the next big thing to invest or get them what they want. Look at the richest people in the world Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others. Even when they acquire hundreds of millions they don’t quit their jobs and retire. Why?

Because, I believe the goal is not to “get rich”, the goal is to seek happiness. The wealth is only a result of the hard work and enjoyment of everyday life. If you love what you do and enjoy the work, you will be happy and wealthy. Whether you are a bus driver, welder, banker, tailor or spy; whatever gets you up in the morning and keeps you going forward, will bring you happiness will also bring you wealth.

There are two books that have shaped my views on wealth. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason was orginally written in 1926 before the Great Depression and has as much to teach us now as it did then. The second book is the Wealth Barber written by a fellow Canadian David Chilton. Both give sound wealth management advice that should be taught in grade school, but now seems to be beyond the grasp of some grad students. In a nutshell both these books give a person the tools to manage their money. They don’t preach or give a get rich quick approach. Following the advice wouldn’t make you a millionaire in a month or a year, they will make you think and help you to understand the correlation between wealth and happiness.


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