Diabetes on the rise

Manage Diabetes; clarityhealthjournal.com

Manage Diabetes; clarityhealthjournal.com

From the Middle-East to North America; Asians to Native Americans the trends show a worldwide increase in diabetes. Self-management of glucose levels and self-administered medication is central to an individual’s health when dealing with this chronic disease.

There is a tremendous financial cost to diabetes as well as a huge personal cost. Many feel trapped by or shackled to their disease. The feeling is that once a person is diagnosed a large burden is put on the shoulders of the individual and their family. There is also a growing social and healthcare cost associated with diabetes.
Clarity Health Journal seeks to foster wellness and health while lowering the financial and human cost of healthcare. Being healthy is the key and knowing how to stay healthy is best. By tracking and monitoring activity, medication and results will make it easier for individuals to identify and improve their health.

Diabetes self-monitoring

Diabetes self-monitoring

Compliance and discipline are needed to help reduce the impact of diabetes on an individual’s way of life. Using glucose readers, updating results, and charting sugar levels and keeping a food diary can be critical.
Diabetes Logbook

Diabetes Logbook

Regular intervention and lab results for LDL levels. Retina scans and blood work on Hemoglobin A1c levels are important to identify possible warning signs. Reminders and alerts would assist a person.
Diabetes is a personal ailment that affects the whole family. The Clarity Health Journal is family centric allowing a dynamic approach to care. Self-monitoring as well as the ability to provide a network of care can potential improve compliance and lower overall costs.
The benefits of a personal health journal are not yet quantified. Yet, we believe that by empowering the individual will help improve their health and well-being.


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