How bad is the economy

My feeling is that there is more to the current economic situation than is being made public. With hundreds of millions going to support failing business like AIG, Chrysler and banks, not much has changed. Or so it appears. Just what is happening?

In Canada the stimulus package for “shovel ready” project was passed in the budget and should be flowing as of April. There have been great photo ops, but seemingly few new jobs created and not much shaking on the financial front. Of course in Canada we have no banking crisis, so we are being told. Yet the banksare beefing up their cash reserves, while the government wants consumers to regain their confidence and spend on home renos; or for new home buyers to get into the market. Sales are still slow; news is that there are some “green shoots” cropping up. Is the stimulus working?

In the US, trillions have been wasted on the “War on drugs” with little success. The “war on terror” has also been a huge cash drain on the economy with little return. Now the “bailouts” begun by the Republicans under Bush are being called “socialist” by the GOP. The over $787 Billion stimulus package is already, again seemingly allocated; where are the results?

In Healthcare there has been $30 Billion designated to help with Health records adoption. Is this now under way? Or are there more delays as we determine what is “meaningful use”?

There just doesn’t seem to be all the information available. The picture is incomplete and what is visible doesn’t make sense, yet.