Just a little rain and sunshine

It’s May long weekend in Canada. Traditionally the first long-weekend of the summer. It celebrates Queen Victoria’s Birthday which I’ve always assumed in May 24th. And we Canadians have nicknamed the weekend the “May 2-4” weekend, linking the celebration to a traditional “flat” or 24-bottle case of beer. Rather then tie the holiday to the actual day of Queen Victoria’s Birthday the holiday is celebrated the third Monday of May. This year the celebration seems to be a week early and is May 18th.

May24 2009 Snow

May24 2009 Snow

The long weekend also means traffic as so many head to the cottage. The highways are clogged. That is always the case.

Although the beginning of summer session, this year there are possible snow flurries. It’s cold out. And raining this weekend so even those of us who are staying close to home can do the gardening. This is another of those traditional activities planned for this weekend. What to do?

I hope the season improves. The summer is so short in Canada, each weekend is cherished. Each sunny day is prized. We need the sunlight. Of course we also need some rain to get new growth.