Kentucky Derby long shot wins

In grade school we were required to bring in a “show and tell”. Each person would have their turn to present something of interest to the class. My friend, Louie and I would vie to be the first to present after the Kentucky Derby. It allowed us to bring in pictures of the weekend race, to show the people in the crowds and of course the horses. And there was always a fantastic story.

This year’s derby was high drama from beginning to end. The favourite, “I want Revenge” being pulled on the day of the race, a muddy field and then to top it off a 50:1 longshot making a late rally, inside the track burst to win. A script writer in Hollywood would be laughed out of a meeting if they presented such a finish. Too unbelievable would be the cry.

There it is the underdog wins, the horse that was last on the first turn pulls it off by running in the mud and taking the inside track to finish first.

The Kentucky Derby a two-minute transition from winter to spring.