Since 2007 I’ve been working on my MSc. degree. Since graduating in 1984 I’ve always wanted to return to university to complete a graduate degree. That’s a long time to be out of school. My belief is that in life we are always learning, yet there is a personal satisfaction in completing an academic degree.

I recall with pride the look on my parents face during my first convocation. It was a struggle to graduate and it was worth it. This Masters degree is for myself. I’m not doing it to get a job; I’m learning to expand my personal knowledge.

Having completed the required 8 courses the next phase is my dissertation. A project to demonstrate the learning done through the courses. My expectation is that this will take me at least 6 to 9 months. It will be a lot of work which will be difficult since during this time I also have to earn a living. It will be worth it.

One major advantage of taking my masters degree now is the internet. Research is much easier and material and infinitely more accessible. Also this time my courses are all online. Back in the 80’s we needed to use computer labs and timesharing to do our projects. This time around the work can be done anywhere.

What will my dissertation be? Glad you asked. Since the MSc. is in Software Engineering it builds on my undergrad degree in Computer and Management Science and on my career work as an IT Management Consultant. The project also will explore the current emphasis that my company has stressed, that is the consumer based personal health information system, http://clarityhealthjournal.com.

My hope is that this dissertation will be the culmination of my past experience and current software development experience.