On Vacation

Since April 8th I’ve been on vacation. From Chicago to Zurich to Dubai to Doha to Male to the island resort of Rangali in the Maldives.

This island nation is made up of 1190 islands, 80 of which have resorts. The capital of Male has over 100,000 inhabitants over a third of the country’s entire population live in this built up city. Last year marked the first democratic elections. For over 30 years it was a single party system and the same president has rules. The elections in 2008 were open and the first time multiple party participation was legal.

The new president is a 41 year old political dissident that had previously spent 11 years in jail for protesting the previous administration. Mohamed Nasheed has brought hope to this young nation. On our return trip we spotted this young president and his wife taking the presidential yacht to Male airport. Our guide gushed about his president and smile broadly about how he was rejuvenating the country.

Sunshine, sand and sea; this is truly paradise. We swam out into the lagoon to see colourful fish. Taking a Dhoni (local boat) to snorkel with whale sharks, scuba with manta rays and turtles. The sun and sea is renewing and rejuvenating.