All one world

It’s been a long time since my last posting. April was a travel month. Starting with a trip to Chicago to attend HIMSS. This health information management trade show brings together thousands of healthcare software vendors and healthcare IT executives. This years’ show seems to have been well attended. Although many indicated it was smaller than in previous years. The US Recovery Program has designated $30 Billion Dollars to be spent on Health IT. I would have expected more attendance because of this.

What was there to see? Well how about Alan Greenspan’s Keynote speech. Or Dennis Quaid speaking about Patient Safety. There was much to see and more to do.

Healthcare costs are rising. Medicare payments are rising. Only through better health and wellness can this raising expenditure be curtailed. The Obama administration is putting its hope on electronic health records. Will this work? Or with more accurate health records will the Medicare payments increase?

We need a public health system that helps people stay out of hospitals, prevents illness and prevents disease. This can be done by changing the focus from curing illness to preventing it. Perhaps doctors need to be compensated on keeping people healthy. And hospitals compensated for reduced readmits by patients.

I enjoyed the HIMSS conference, we launched our latest Clarity Health Journal. This allows individuals to monitor and self-manage their health.