Infinite Communication Finite Connection

I received a Facebook notification and message from a family member today; he is attending university away from home but near me. Then a Skype call came in from a cousin in Italy. Its as if we are all just here, now. It’s amazing.

I can recall when my father left Italy for Canada; we didn’t hear or see him for a year. My mother may have received letters or postcards but I don’t recall a phone call, and if there was one it would have been late at night when the rates were less and the time difference had little impact for either of them on both sides of the Atlantic. When we immigrated to Canada it was 5 years before I saw my cousin and family members. We did have phones but access was limited.

Today communication is unlimited. We connect by internet, Skype, Facebook, email, blackberry. We can see and hear people from around the world. This weekend we helped a friends’ child in Germany study for a test. We have unlimited calling 24 hours a day, no waiting for 6 pm to get a reduced rate. We email and Skype without additional cost. With webcam we can see each other in real-time.

We talk, we connect, we exchange thoughts. It can be overwhelming and sometimes distracting. Yet where would we be without the ability to communicate with each other.