Heal thyself

Our bodies are incredible systems. When you cut yourself, white blood cells fuse together to stem the outflow of blood, clot on contact with the air and stop the bleeding. Your skin grows and covers the cut and heals. From head to toe we have mechanisms and organisms that heal.

Staying healthy means providing our bodies with the nutrients and tools to keep on regenerating itself. But whatever we do we still have a life expectancy and our destination is always the same. We all live with one chronic disease, aging.

We all want to stay young, live longer and stay healthy. Eating less may be the secret to living longer. Our bodies know how to work best, our goal needs to be providing the nutrients needed to let the body heal itself.

I have heard high performance athlete talk about listening to their bodies. They can feel and sense their own physical readiness and preparedness. We should all develop this sense. We need to listen to our bodies better.

When we are tired we need to sleep, when we are thirsty we should drink and when hungry we should eat. Perhaps more important, when we aren’t hungry we should stop eating.