I love New York

The city is great. The people fantastic, the atmosphere is electric. The crowds, the bustle of people charges you and lifts your spirits.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The City of New York and the people are friendly, inviting and full of joy.

I recall many years ago, in the early to mid-90’s downtown Manhattan was different place. Gloomy and grimy, everyone had stark brooding faces. This was a time of crime and fear. Time Square was a red-light district with peep shows and cheap hotels. Now it is Disney Square, the hotels are much more upscale and the lights are bright.

Today we walked around freely. I met with MetaHealth executives at the office in Manhattan while my wife wondered around and went to some shops. After lunch we went up the Empire State Building, an experience I previously missed, even when I worked in Manhattan for 4 months.

Wicked the Musical

Wicked the Musical

Tonight we wonder down to see a Broadway show (Wicked) and tomorrow we plan to go to a Jazz Bar. We know from past experience that New York does sleep, from 4 am – 6 am Sunday morning, otherwise there is always something to do and enjoy. But Sunday we should be able to go to Tavern on the Green; a decided Landmark of Central Park. Then wander the city streets.

New York has so much to offer. A world city, the capital of commerce, the BIG APPLE. Its wondrous and inviting.