Making the Grade

How do we measure up?

Internet Usage

Internet Usage

There are many ways for us to rate and measure; Population, GDP, resources, even internet usage. The site gives you different views of the world that you may not have considered.

For example; where are the majority of internet users, not surprising North America is over represented in this regard. But look at how China and India are growing, soon we will have a majority of sites in Chinese only content.

Consider the income in the world. We have mass sections of the globe that earn less then $2 a day. Consider how our income is in North American comparies. What will happen as developing countries implement minimum wage?

What will the future hold as billions of people living in underdeveloped countries see how the west and developing countries live?

“Out of every 100 persons added to the population in the coming decade, 97 will live in developing countries.” Hania Zlotnik, 2005

Can we hope to survive with the growing trends? Is there enough resources to sustain the population of the world. We have serious issues ahead of us, climate change is only a small part.

Age of Death

Age of Death

The earth will survive; the question is will we?