Hunter-Gatherer Diet

Can we eat like our ancestors? Our diets have evolved from hunter-gatherer to modern diets. What we eat makes us who we are. Nature has pure foods. Meats, fish, nuts and berries provide the entire nutrient we need. Over time our diets have changed, some would say not for the better.

Today any number of different diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Cancer have been linked to our diet and lifestyle. So why do we still eat the foods that make us ill?

This site talks about the pre-neolitic diet we currently have.

Around the world there are dietary laws and rules that restrict food consumption. Pork is forbidden by some religions. Hindis have restrictions on beef consumption. The Jain sect has a vegetarian diet as well as restricting some plants (figs, onions and garlic). The control and restriction of food consumption seems to be part of our evolution.

We are what we eat. Civilization could not have advanced to where we are without the domestication of animals and agricultural farm production. It seems unreasonable for us to return to a hunter-gatherer diet and reverse the civilization advancements made. Yet, perhaps that is what we must do. Food production, manufacturing and science has got us to his point, where else can it take us?

Finding what we can live with, how we can eat right and the best diet to suit our lifestyle is important to our survival. We have over 6.5 billion people in the world, I believe we can provide and sustain this population with the food resources on the planet; we need a means of making it possible to distribute and share the abundance of the earth. I don’t believe we can do this by returning to a hunt-gatherer diet, perhaps we can look at alternatives like the Jain Buddhist diet. We may even come up with a more modern equivalent.