Health on the Net

Can the internet make you healthier? There are numereous resources that promise to help you stay healthy.

To start go to Based on your responses to a lifestyle survey you can determine how old you really are. They say 50 is the new 30, findout if you are older or younger then you think and feel. The site gives you advice to live healthier and stay young longer.

After you know how old you really are you may want to go to and see what other products can help you stay healthy. is affliated with a number of personal health websites and blogs, but you could get swamped with email notifications.

A great resource of health information on the internet is found at HON.CH – the Health on the Net Foundation is a UN NGO that supports better health information on the internet. It provides a network of trusted sites and search material for better information. For the consumer the Markle Foundation offers a trusted framework for health information exchange between the consumer and their health care provider.

With so many resources, portals and health services available online we can all look forward to long, healthy lives, at least online.

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  1. Another website you might enjoy is This website was recently launched by the OHA and for the first time, this website allows members of the public to genuinely understand how their local hospital is performing, and takes what used to be complex and dense information and translates it into clear, plain language that is easy to access, read and understand.

    To learn more, please register for this free webinar.

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