Zimbabwe home of the Bantu

I have slept on the grounds of Great Zimbabwe; waking up to wild monkeys at sunrise in one of the most wondrous walled cities in Africa.

While Europe was in the dark ages, the Bantu people of Africa constructed a walled city in what is now Zimbabwe. The nation formally called Rhodesia under colonial rule was named after this ruin of stone houses which is what Zimbabwe translates as.

Africa is our homeland, the origin of our species. The oldest human fossils come from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, truly the cradle of civilization. All that we need to survive is found on this wondrous continent. We were raised in the sun and soil of this land.

From Egypt to South Africa, Cape Verde to Djibouti the wonders that is Africa resonates in our bones. As much as this is our home, many of us have been cast out of Eden or stolen from our lands. We can not return except as visitors.

Today the nation of Zimbabwe represents something different from the great civilization represented by the stone walls. Perhaps the ruins are a reminder that all great civilizations leave their mark and are remembered by the artefacts, they leave behind.