Global Crisis

Have we exhausted the hyperbole about the global crisis? Yes, it has been devastating for banks and overextended companies that ignored the reality and the value of money. People with unrealistic expectation on investment potential have found out what workers all over the world have known for many years. There is no free lunch. Money doesn’t grow on trees and yes, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

We have had an unprecedented period of growth without economic contraction. Now we face the potential of a deeper than normal trough, to offset the wave we have been riding. Let’s keep our heads up, let’s look out for each other and let’s be realistic about our expectations.

As a society and globally we have withstood hardships and challenges. We have withstood two world wars, the cold war, nuclear threats and terrorist attacks. We can be sure our resolve is strong, our justice is based on truth, our community and union is valid and proper.

Let’s not stray from our ideals and norms. Let’s work and create wealth the way it has always been done, through our vision and sweat. Hard work has rewards of its own.