The Days are Numbered

Each and every day has a number; 01/01/09 is JD 2454832.50000. My approximate birth date is JD 2437187.79167. Taking the common time that I’ve been told I was born. Although I was home birthed by a mid-wife and don’t think anyone really recorded the actual time of birth.

Today’s date using the USF Stardate is 62463.0. If you are interested, see for more details.

I won’t go into any explanation of how these dates work or even if they make sense. My interest is only in the concept of time. Dates, calendars and even time clocks are abstract concepts created by us humans, a means of measurement that is all man-made.

We are not products of time, time is our product. Yet we don’t control time and often it becomes our master. Time keeping and time management have become part of the human condition. We measure time passing and time spend, as if it is a commodity.

Of course it is not, time is fleeting, time is passing, and time is lost. Each day has a number, make it count.